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Ads to Admire: Amul's reply to Petrol Price Hike

A master stroke by Cunha hitting the minds of the people.
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How to Keep Yourself Motivated Every Day

Enough has been said and written on how to achieve your goals and motivation to fulfill your dreams but with time I have realized that our everyday life needs a motivation to get up in the morning and take on the grills of the daily life. And accomplish all the things you are supposed to do everyday day. it's easy to find a motivation to win a game or gain promotion but what about the motivation needed to get up each morning and carry on your daily chores, go to the office, finish your daily routine and hit the bed. Even I feel demotivated to do so each day and have found a set of do’s to keep myself motivated in everyday life. Let’s discuss a few of those here. 1. Read a motivational quote every morning  It is very important to start your day with a positive thought, it sets the tone of the day. The best way to do this is following someone on twitter who keeps tweeting inspirational quotes or there are numerous apps for this as well. A positive thought in the

Wonder Marketing: Advertising on Roti (Bread)

What if your Roti (bread) asks you if you washed your hands? Yes this is what the 2.5 million roti's will read at the Kumbh mela, supposedly the largest congregetion of Humanity on earth. Hindustan Lever, country's largest consumer goods company with its creative agency Ogilvy are reminding those visitng the Kumbh mela if they washed their hands before eating. The innovative idea is the brain child of Ogilvy Action, the activations arm of Ogilvy under the aegis of Vipul Salve, the NCD. This innovative idea came after a grill which went on for 8 long months and discussing 200 obvious options of engaging the mela attendees in health related games or some similar activities but HUL was looking for something really out-of-the-box. A heat stamp was specially made to make the impression of the message on the chapattis. The agency also tied up with over 100 dhaba owners in the vicinity and handed out more than 2.5 million chapattis stamped with the Lifebuoy message. With